Science is not about the greatness of single countries. It is about humanity as a whole.

It is interesting that you start your list of argument with exactly the same rhetorics as the people use you argue against. This is not how this argument for science is going to be won. Science is not just another tool to “make America great again” alongside a wall and relentless capitalism. Science has always been a great unifier between people, it does not need the concept of a nation and it has proven how much you can gain when you give this concept up. The immense success of the nuclear physics institution CERN, in which people from dozens of nations are included, shows this as much as the exchange between scientists from both poles of the world during the Cold War and the immense success of scientific exchange in the EU (already on the student level with the Erasmus programme).

Science is NOT about America, it’s not about Europe, it’s not about Christianity or Islam. It’s about humanity as a whole, the truly unifying endeavor that has always and will always motivate people to cross borders, discuss and succeed together rather than fight against each other in competition.

Trying to make sense of quantum physics with the help of green tea.